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Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones & A Journey By Train – HSC Paragraph Writing

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Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones – HSC Paragraph writing

Dear HSC student’s, How are you? I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. Are worried about a quality paragraph for Higher Secondary Examination? Don’t worry, we are here for you in this post we will share with some paragraph for HSC examination. You can read this for your skills about paragraph writing. So, let’s start.
Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones
In this Paragraph, you will find some question. Those are
  •        What is Mobile?
  •        What are the advantages of Mobile?
  •        What are the disadvantages of Mobile?
  •        What should we do to stop misusing Mobile?


Mobile is a wireless and small piece of electronics device enabling us to connect any person from anywhere in the world. The mobile phone is a wonderful gift of modern science. But we know that nothing on the earth is an unmixed blessing. the advantages of the mobile phone are many. Firstly mobile phone has revolutionized our communication and speeded up our life unbelievably. Now the idea of fixed phone is an obsolete idea. No more people are satisfied with the limited scope of communication. The mobile phone has enabled us to communicate with anyone anytime anywhere at our will. Mobile has virtually become a microcosm of the whole world. Mobile can easily now be an alternative of a Personal Computer. The latest technology has made the vast world technology a micro world. A mobile phone now accommodates all that a computer can afford. Mobile has made the global world more cemented and bonded. Despite these positive aspects, mobile has also some real disadvantages. Using mobile has become an addiction for the young generations. The students can neglect their studies by spending more time on the mobile phone. Moreover, the teenagers are taking objectionable photograph and porno films. This misuse should be banned anyhow. Moreover, excessive use of mobile phone cause Radio Active exposure which can cause cancer and damage our hearing. So mobile phone should be banned for the children and expecting women. Despite all these demerit’s mobile phone is the inevitability for our day to day life and we cannot help using the mobile phone.

A Journey By Train HSC Paragraph

Every year a journey related paragraph come in the examination. Today you will get a paragraph about “A Journey by Train” It is an important paragraph for all the HSC students. you can easily write this paragraph by following our writing style.

A Journey By Train
In this Paragraph, you will find some question. Those are
  •        Did you ever go on a Journey by Train?
  •        When did you go?
  •        What was the occasion?
  •        Describe the Journey?
  •        How much did you enjoy it?

We, some student’s of our class, were suggested to go out for an educational tour. So, we decided to go to Chittagong. it was winter. We took also the decision to go there by Train/Bus as it was safer and more comfortable. However. along with other student’s, we reached Kamlapur Railway Station in the morning. At 7:00 AM we got into our compartment. Really it was very comfortable. At 7:30 Am the train with many passengers started the show off slowly indeed. but within a few minutes, it began to run very speedily. It began to run on and on. I looked back out could not catch sight of “Kamlapur railway Station”. it was far behind. I was bewildered with the sights of the either sides of the rail station. Different types of trees, plants, and groves appeared to me running opposite. Sometimes our train passed through the vast field. Now it was 4:00 PM. our train halted at Fenny station for ten minutes. Some of us got down from our compartment and looked around to get some meal as we were hungry. many hawkers with different food items were waiting there. Sometimes, we are talking about our daily incidents and affairs. When it was 5:30 PM, we were very near to Chittagong city. The hilly areas appeared to me much enchanting. Some parts of it were covered with small plants. Some areas of it were a little higher than others. We got down from the compartment one by one. We did not wait there long. Our teacher hired a taxi cab. We got in it and went to our destination. Our journey by train, in fact, was very pleasing and comfortable. My train/bus journey was up to my satisfaction. I think the journey like this allures others to take a journey by train.
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