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Tree Plantation & Globalization HSC Paragraph Writing

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Dear Buddy, welcome to EduJagatBD.Com website. Today we will share with you about an important topic. Most of the Student’s of Bangladesh are looking for a High-Quality Paragraph, Composition, Letter Writing, Application writing for their SSC, HSC and University examination. Today we will share with you a trending Paragraph Writing for HSC Examination. The paragraph name is “Tree Plantation” So buddy please read this article carefully. If you want to read in the leisure time, please bookmark our website.

Tree Plantation HSC paragraphWriting

In this paragraph, you will find some question. All the question are about this paragraph. It will be helpful for memorizing. We are describing the question below.
  • What is the importance of the trees?
  • What benefit we get from trees?
  • What are the reasons of our losing trees?
  • What is the relationship among trees and the environment?
  • What should we do to save the trees?
In the environment, the tree is one of the most important elements. There is the necessity of the trees in our everyday life in many ways. Without trees, man cannot live long on the earth. The fruits provide different kinds of Vitamin to build our body. We get our necessary timber and firewood from trees and forests. On the other hand, the trees contribute lions share to keep our environment balanced. For many reasons the trees are being destroyed, but no one cares to plant a new tree. And, thus, we are inviting the polluted environment. And this pollution causes great harm to the human life for both the born and the unborn. By destroying the tress, we are losing balanced environments as well as our daily requirements provided by tress. Trees provide us with oxygen. And we can’t live even a single moment without oxygen. So, it is true that without trees we are unable to restore our environment and save our beautiful soil. Anyway, to have the ecological balance, we have to plant more and more trees in every bare space of land. The sea-beaches, the low-laying areas, the roadsides should be brought under afforestation. So, it is to be mentioned that tree plantation can have the central role to develop our environment as well as economy.

Globalization HSC paragraph Writing

In this paragraph, you will find some question. All the question are about this paragraph. It will be helpful for memorizing. We are describing the question below.
  • What do you mean by globalization?
  • What are the advantages of globalization?
  • What are demerits of globalization?
  • Do you think that globalization can bring benefit to the developing countries?
  • What is your suggestion about the introduction of globalization in our country?
Globalization is the process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world by creating a borderless market. In the present world, globalization has been introduced with a view to extending borderless market. Through globalization free flow of products, as well as ideas, is possible. Because of globalization, a country can be benefited in many ways including free access to the market, hi-tech information, trade, commerce, cultural affairs, employment opportunities and so many. Mainly the developed countries are highly benefited from globalization. On the other hand, the developing countries are affected, to some extent, because the developing countries lack in modern technology, skilled manpower, and necessary capital. So the developing countries can’t match with the developed countries. The capitalist countries are becoming richer day by day. Whereas, the poor countries are becoming poorer. In the context of developing countries, Bangladesh is affected because of globalization. She can not keep pace with the border-less market and sharp competition created by globalization. For example, Bangladesh has lost its American market for its ready-made garment’s by this because she can’t compete with the industrially developed countries. Globalization has created competition but the poor developing countries like Bangladesh are no match for the industrially developed economic super powers. So the productive sectors of Bangladesh are at stake. However, globalization can be fruitful only if there is a proper balance regarding positive attitudes of all, policy, trade, commerce etc.


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