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Important Composition for HSC Exam Part-01

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Television is the most powerful electronic devices in the world. People of every classes and ages are using it for their daily life. “The Uses and Abuses of Television” is an important composition for the HSC examinee. It is also an important composition for SSC, HSC and National University examination. Today we are sharing an essential composition for HSC examination. We will continue all the essential article only for you. In the part one we will share with two composition. One is “The Uses and Abuses of Television” and the other is “The Necessity of Cleanliness”

The Uses and Abuses of Television HSC Composition

Television is one of the wonder of modern science. It has asserted its supremacy over all other means of communications like newspaper, radio, cinema etc.
The uses of Television:  Television is the latest media of communication. It offers us opportunities to listen to the voice along with the image of the speaker. It plays a vital role in our day to day life. It provide us with the day to day news and views of home and aboard. Besides news, dramas, and many other important event are screened on it. We can enjoy them sitting in our drawing room.
After days’ work, we can enjoy them sitting before a television set in our drawing room. Specially we can enjoy games and sports like football, cricket, tennis, etc. held in different parts of the world. It also cheers us with its musical programs.
Television is one of the best media of Advertisements. Information about new products and services are flashed before millions of people in few seconds through it. Through television political leaders can make people aware of their programs and can form their opinions.
In addition to these, it telecasts special programs for special listeners like for the students, the farmers, the children, the woman, the housewives, the laborers and so forth. In developing countries like us, it instructs the common people about the value of family planning, dangers of over population, rules of health, value of education etc. It’s really a unique addition to the history of modern civilization and culture. If we can use it properly it can bring infinite good for us.
The abuse of Television:  Television has got its dark sides also. Sometimes, students prefer enjoying television to study. They spend their valuable hours by watching television programs. Besides this, television leaves a great influence on Juvenile mind. Some of the programs and films shows not always suitable for the whole family. Sometimes, obscene films and almost naked pictures are shown on Television that demoralize the youth of a country.

The Necessity of Cleanliness HSC Composition

Cleanliness is the habit of keeping clean. It is a noble quality and a great virtue. If we want to keep in good health, we have to observe cleanliness. Every religion emphasis the importance of cleanliness. It is one of the four pillars of Islam. Our holy prophet laid a great stress on it. It is a part of our faith. A man in Islam is disallowed from observing religious rites if he is not clean in body and mind. ”Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is a wise saying. This also upholds the necessity of cleanliness in life. Cleanliness makes everything look cheerful and fresh.
The tradition of washing hands before meals is a sign of cleanliness. Unclean surroundings dirty dwelling houses and kitchens, dirty clothes, bedding etc. create unhealthy atmosphere. Even in our daily life we see that a man in dirty body and dirty clothes are objects of hatred of others. Dirtiness and disease go together because dirtiness breeds the germs of diseases.
So in order to keep in good health we should observe the rules of cleanliness. That is we should take bath everyday. We should put on neat and clean dress. We should keep the surroundings of our houses neat and clean. We should not allow any refuges to stand near our dwelling houses. The drains around our houses should also be cleared regularly. It is not difficult to acquire the habit of cleanliness. What is required most is the habit and our willingness to remain in clean. It costs us nothing bout buys everything.


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