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Today we will share with important topics. In this website, we are sharing essential Essay Writing for you. In this article, we are sharing with you Computer Essay Writing. We hope that by reading this essay, you will be learned many things about a computer. We know that computer is the most powerful machine today around the world. So let’s started.

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Introduction: From the beginning of man’s civilization man has been advancing towards a perfection through newer inventions and discoveries. But the only modern invention which has exceeded the excellence of all other inventions of man in all ages is the computer. It is said that now we live in the computer age.

What a computer is: The literal meaning of the world computer is an instrument that computers or do various calculations. Fundamentally it is a calculating machine. It can perform various calculations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and soon. In fact, it can receive innumerable data and instructions and perform thousands of calculations within seconds and then give the results. Apart from doing mathematical calculations, a computer has surprising capabilities of manipulating the input instructions. The work which a man would otherwise do in thousands of days is done by the computer within minutes or hours. 
How and when it was invented: The modern computer is a very modern electronics instrument. But in the primary phase of its evolution, it was not so. It has a history of its evolution. In 1643 the French mathematician B. Pascal invented the mechanical calculating machine for performing some arithmetical calculations. In 1671 Lebanese and In 1812 Charles Babbage invented two improved models of mechanical computers. The first electro-mechanical computer made jointly by the Harvard University and the IBM Company in 1944. At the last electronic computer came into existence I 1946. However, the major improvements in the computer technology were possible only after 1971. At present, there have been unimaginable improvements in this technology.
Structure/Components: A computer has two main aspects: The hardware and the Software. The hardware is the machine itself, and the software is a combination of various symbolic instructions or codes, better known as a computer language. It has some components as input devices, The CPU or the Central Processing Unit, and the output devices. The input devices receive instructions in codes which are similar to human language. The hardware can be thought of as the skeleton and the software, the flesh and blood- if the whole computers were to be imagined of as a human being. The software or the programs virtually help the hardware function the way the user wants it to. The programs are two types one is the operating system and other the other, the applications program. The operating system coordinates various functions of the hardware as well as activities the applications programs. The applications programs, on the other hand, perform mathematical calculations. The whole system of the computer is the combination of these programs and hardware systems. 
The computer program: The coded set of instructions that are stored in the memory of the computer for performing various calculations is called the computer program. A computer uses the binary method for its internal calculations. The compiler of the applications programs translates into the computer language codes any instruction given to it by the user.
Types of Computer: The computer can be classified according to its size speed, and internal structure. We can base on these criteria of classification, identify various types of computers such as the supercomputer, the mainframe computer, the mini-computer, and the micro-computer. The form and shape or size of computers may vary, but in each of the cases, the main working principle or method is the same for all types of computers.
Computer and the modern civilization: The computer is perhaps the strongest gift of science. It is helping us in business, research, management and administration, and virtually in all fields of the modern life. Its importance is so great that if it were taken out from men’s civilization, the entire process of civilization would come to a standstill. To speak more specifically, the computer has proved to be the best aid to our thinking processes, printing, translation, research in the laboratory and in the field and what not. In a word, the computer has increased the speed of the advance of civilization. Now we can hardly think of any tough task without it.

Conclusion: Computer has come to our country with immense possibilities too. Now it is giving its blessed touch in almost every spare of life. But the general people are completely ignorant of the magic power and potential of this small machine. Therefore, if it can be familiarized to the general people at large, we will get more and more utility from it.

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